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about work at the berndt group

about work at the berndt group
TBG'ers work hard and play hard

Forget what you know about work. Life is short. Live well. Why whittle away your daylight hours in a job that's lackluster, dull, and unappreciative? Wouldn't you rather spend your time wisely, working with people you enjoy? We think so too.

Uninhibited brainstorming, a healthy sense of humor, passionate drive, teamwork, smarts, and high-quality results are the hallmarks of The Berndt Group (TBG). We've created a stimulating, pleasant work environment built on mutual respect where there is room to learn and express ourselves. We choose our teammates carefully, ensuring that each new member will enrich our close-knit group and help to fulfill our mutual goals. The result? An open-minded work environment with an enormous potential for growth, high employee retention, and outstanding, award-winning output. We're happy to be here. We enjoy our work.

But don't let the suits tell you why you should work at TBG.

Hear it straight from the source! Reasons TBG'ers love working at TBG!

  • Smart, creative, talented, driven, personable staff.
  • Happy hours, office lunches, Breakfast Club Fridays!
  • Donuts....lots of donuts!
  • Getting to wear jeans to work every day!
  • Shorts!!!
  • Great, talented, funny co-workers — I laugh on a daily basis.
  • Everyone has some influence, not only on a project, but on internal processes as well. Your voice is definitely heard here.
  • Walking distance to a lot of shops and restaurants and a cool office space.
  • Full kitchen, for making lots of lunchtime treats.
  • Smart, funny, pro-art, pro-nerd colleagues.
  • Have sat next to the same (great) guy every day for the last 11 years!
  • I can walk to the office from my house.
  • Challenging work that always changes.
  • Diverse and interesting group of clients. Everything from private companies, to government, professional associations, hospitals, art museums, and others.
  • A very best-practices-oriented company. I'm constantly learning new things from this group.
  • Best cappuccinos and breves this side of Falls Road.
  • Very creative and laid back, yet super professional.

We are always on the lookout for new additions, even when we don't have announced jobs. We are very selective about who we hire, but make room for individuals who we think would be valuable to our development. So if you're creative, inspired, and ready for a change, but don't fit into a category mentioned above, still get in touch.

Learn more about why The Berndt Group is one of the oldest and best respected Web development and interactive brand communications firms in the Baltimore/Washington area.

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