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strategic consulting

strategic consulting

Market Research & Focus Groups

The Berndt Group believes that no matter how good a web site or marketing idea is, it can always stand to be tested from the outside, using a formal methodology designed to remove the influence of the designer or project owner. Frequently this process reveals key facts that are invisible to those already involved with the project.

To this end, we frequently design, organize, and analyze the results of focus groups in the following areas:

  • Web site usability
  • Brand, image, and message impact
  • Business processes (including publishing)
  • Audience self-segmentation
  • User content preferences

Our focus group work uses both quantitative, qualitative, and hybrid methodologies, and may be strategically inserted into a project process at different points to refine strategy, design, or implementation details.

The Berndt Group also has strong capabilities for market research and best practice research that provides crucial information at the outset of projects. Some of the uses of this research include the following:

  • Developing a customer segmentation model
  • Predicting customer behavior and site uptake
  • Determining the validity of Web resource allocation
  • Developing a targeted strategy for a particular web site, product, or brand


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