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strategic consulting

strategic consulting

Product Selection (CMS, CRM, BI)

When it comes to major infrastructural choices that involve significant content management (CMS), customer relations management (CRM) or business intelligence (BI) platform purchases, you can't afford to make the wrong choice. Failed or inappropriate implementations mean lost years and financial waste that can be damaging to an enterprise.

The Berndt Group acts as an experienced, vendor-neutral partner* to work though the complexity of selecting these products and to understand how they will integrate into your enterprise. Our process includes:

  • Stakeholder interviews, to understand business drivers, history, and strategic goals.
  • Observation of working methods and company culture, to ground choices in what will work in the real world with your current staffing (or recommendations of staff augmentation).
  • Development of formal functional requirements that work for your business, including internal processes.
  • Creation of network design architectures and associated technical requirements.
  • Development of realistic budgets.
  • Research and creation of a short list of appropriate vendors.
  • Vendor interviews and the analysis of vendor specifications in relation to requirements.
  • Final selection recommendations.
  • Advice on negotiations and contracts.

Our process takes the guesswork out of product selection and allows our clients to enter these arrangements in a more informed way and with greatly increased confidence.


*Although we have a number of partner relationships with 3rd party vendors for the sake of expediency as a developer, we do not allow these to influence our product selection recommendations.


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