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strategic consulting

strategic consulting

Site Publicity & Search Engine Optimization

Although it has taken awhile, the time has arrived when it is possible to do two things that were previously very difficult:

  1. Reliably drive specific types of traffic to your site.
  2. Calculate the return on investment of direct marketing efforts in real time, and make rapid adjustments to optimize those efforts.

The Berndt Group's approach to Internet marketing includes a wide variety of techniques, often used in concert, and grounded in conventional business analysis common sense. The techniques we use go beyond the ordinary in each area, and cover the following domains:

  1. Improving natural site rankings (SEO) through technical, content, and link methods
  2. Managing effective paid search placements and search engine advertising
  3. Assessing site traffic in relation to expenditures
  4. Managing email campaigns and mailing lists
  5. Online advertising: banner ads, campaigns

We view these techniques as tools in a unified marketing program that work best when they are combined with strong initial site development, the ability to change and optimize content on the fly, and powerful user analytics to gauge the real meaning of results. One of our greatest strengths in these areas comes from our ability to provide this integrated approach.


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